Personal Training

Make your health and fitness goals A Reality

I love working with clients to create customized, total-body fitness programs that produce results.

My philosophy: I don’t believe in cookie-cutter exercise regimens. Instead, I listen to your goals and take into account your whole lifestyle (do you have any injuries, a high-stress schedule, a job that requires lots of sitting, questions about how to incorporate more healthy foods into your life?) so I can tailor every workout to your specific needs. All workouts are designed to be motivating, effective and time efficient. I will push you and cheer you on!

I’m also passionate about offering my clients the latest proven training techniques and cutting-edge protocols. I’m continually expanding my knowledge base and expertise in order to best help my clients achieve their goals.

If you are time-crunched:

I will develop a workout that combines cardio along with strength training and conditioning to help you build lean muscle and bone density; improve cardiorespiratory fitness, agility and balance; and relieve stress.

If you have reoccurring injuries:

I frequently work with clients suffering from a reoccurring injury, such as back or knee pain, that has been stopping them from doing the things they love. For these clients, I often recommend a workout designed with specific strengthening and stretching exercises done with thoughtful progression. I consult with a number of physical therapists in the Aspen area.

If you want to age well:

Middle age and beyond has many benefits, especially if you stay fit and healthy. A great strength and conditioning program will keep you strong and agile; reduce your risk of injury; improve balance and posture; build healthy biomarkers such as good blood pressure; promote healthy cholesterol levels and maintain good bone density so can go out and do what you love to do for as long as you want to.

If you have a health challenge like cancer:

I am honored to work with clients who need to rebuild their physical strength and come back stronger than ever, both in body and spirit. We will collaborate with your doctor and your other health care professionals to create a program just for you.

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