Foundation Training

What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is an innovative, effective series of exercises designed to help heal back pain, improve posture and increase athletic performance. Developed by Dr. Eric Goodman, a strength coach and chiropractor, the Foundation Training program changes harmful movement patterns (such as prolonged sitting, hunching forward at a desk or looking down at a small screen for extended periods) and often results in pain relief. Foundation Training has been endorsed by a wide range of medical experts, and is used by professional athletes and regular people alike to boost strength and endurance.

To learn more about Foundation Training, visit the national site.

Why I love teaching Foundation Training

Foundation Training is about simple movements that can be incorporated into your everyday life; no equipment is needed. The exercises get you strong and healthy in a natural way and can reduce the need for prescription drugs or surgery as an option to treat pain. It’s really rewarding for me to teach Foundation Training and see how the exercises help people feel good, reduce stress and live a more active lifestyle.