Straight Leg Bridge with Hip Flexion

This is a great exercise to strengthen the glutes, core stabilizers, and the hip flexors, all important for strong running, hiking or cycling.

If you look at this exercise, it looks like the perfect position for these activities.

My client, Fred, is a competitive cyclist and all around good athlete and is demonstrating this exercise perfectly.

If you decide to give this exercise a try, do it without the loop band first to be sure you can maintain a strong hip position and neutral spine.


1. Be sure to use a stable surface like a bench or a chair.  

2. Place loop band over your feet.

3. Place feet on bench and push heels into the bench as you contract your glutes and raise your hips into a staright leg bridge.

4. Keeping your hips steady, pull on knee in to hip level for 8-12 repetitions.  

5. Drop hips to the floor and reset. Repeat other side. 

6. This exercise is challenging!  Try the exercise without the loop band first.