My Favorite Books of 2017

There are soooo many good books out there.  These are five of my favorite in the health and well-being category.  

Altered Traits by Daniel Goldman, a psychologist and a well know science writer, and Richard Davidson, a respected neuroscientist.  This book presents the scientific basis, and the practical benefits of meditation. Meditation actually makes changes to our brain, our physiology and even down to our genes.  This book really motivated me to be more consistent with my mediation practice. 

True to Form by Dr. Eric Goodman.  If you want a very accessible way to experience the benefits of Foundation Training, go out and buy this book.  Foundation Training strengthens your back, improves your posture and just makes you feel great.  Dr. Goodman shows you how to use Foundation Training in your every day life to help avoid pain and create strength.

Why Diets Make Us Fat by Sandra Aamodt, PhD.  This book totally changed how I look at weight loss and coach weight loss.  A sure fire way to gain weight in the next few years is to go on a diet. If you have been a chronic dieter, then you should definitely read this book.  For me, I no longer coach weight loss, but instead, coach healthy eating and lifestyle.

How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger.  If you only get one book on nutrition, get this one.  Dr. Greger is a self professed nutrition geek and loves pouring over all of the nutritional studies that come out, and then boil the information down to practical information we can all use to prevent disease and improve the quality of our lives. You should also check out his web site 

Crooked by Catherine Jakabson Ramin.  The author is a well respected science writer and also suffered from a "bad back."  She went through surgery, physical therapy and even some alternative therapies and what she discovered about the "back pain industry" will blow your mind, it did mine! This is a very well researched book and if you or someone you love is dealing with a "bad back" you should read this book before your next visit to a doctor, clinic, therapist or trainer.