Getting Back to Meditation


I have been an on and off meditator for the past five years. I can be consistent for up to a year and then I can get derailed. When this happens, and I want to get consistent again, I consult my meditation teacher Candice Oksenhorn. I spent this past Saturday afternoon with her in her dining room reviewing various essential oils that could help support my practice and we talked about the timing of my practice which was very helpful. She also gave me some great advice about imagery. But the thing that was most helpful of all, was meditating with her and just being in her presence. She embodies her work and I am inspired again, after spending even just a little time with her.

In reviewing my goals for this year, I saw that the foundational habit that will benefit me the most in achieving my goals is meditation. A regular meditation practice for me, helps me sleep better, helps me trust my intuition, increases my creativity, gives me clarity and reduces stress, and helps me notice when my thoughts are leading me away from my potential.

There is lots of strong evidence to show the benefits of a regular meditation practice on our physical health as well. So, you may also want to consider adding a mediation
practice. There are lots of resources out there to help you get started like the apps Headspace, Calm or Insight Timer and some of my favorite books about mediation are "10% Happier," by Dan Harris or "Wherever You Go There You Are," by Jon Kabat Zinn. Or, if you live in the Aspen area, contact Candice.

If you would like to know more about Candice, check out her web site here. Candice's Web Site.