Foundation Training "Woodpecker"

Foundation Training uses a combination of powerful movements and diaphragmatic breath work to activate the core and decompress the spine. When practiced regularly, your pain diminishes, your resistance to injury increases, and your body comes to life.

Woodpecker, can almost be considered a single leg Founder. Woodpecker is an excellent glute and lower back strengthening exercise.

In the photo above, my weight is on the right leg and I am hinged forward, over my knee with a long neutral spine. In this position, the glute is working eccentrically or put another way, lengthened under tension. Working a muscle or muscle group eccentrically is a great way to get strong. This exercise may look easy, but believe me, it isn't!

  • Stand with a split stance
  • Anchor with the front foot and sqeeze inner thighs
  • Take two decompression breaths to create a long decompressed spine
  • Hinge forward into your right heel until you feel your glute working.
  • Hold for 3-5 breaths and switch sides.  You can hold for longer as you become stronger.