Dumbbell Row- Do It Right!

Rowing movements strengthen muscles that promote good posture.  Rowing engages your entire back and shoulders along with your biceps, and if you are doing the exercise correctly, you are also engaging the other muscles of the core to help stabilize you.  You get lots of bang for your buck! To get the most out of the exercise you want to pay attention to your technique.  Done incorrectly, you can hurt your back and create injury to the shoulders.

1. Keep the knee that is on the bench under the hip, the wrist is under the shoulder. Keep the neck long and head up while gazing at the bench.

2. Shift your weight to the outside leg and then back into your heel and hips. The hips should be level and the spine in a neutral position.

3. Let the shoulder protract down while keeping tension in your abdominals and then retract the shoulder blade and draw the dumbbell up to your body keeping the elbow in line with the body at the end of the repetition.

4. Do this 12-15 times. Repeat other side. Do 2 sets.