Crazy Cake Recipes (No eggs, milk or butter)

I remember one of my favorite cakes growing up was Crazy Cake.  My mom used to make it and my sisters and I loved it.  This cake was also called Depression Cake or Wacky Cake because it didn’t use eggs, butter or milk.  The other great thing about this cake is that you mix the ingredients right in the pan you are going to bake it in. No mess!! If you attended the Dinner and a Movie night at the hospital last January you would have had a slice of the  chocolate version of this cake made by Sandy Holmes.

I am attaching the link to this great web site called Sweet Little Blue Bird where you will find chocolate, vanilla, spiced, lemon, coffee and kaluha crazy cakes and you will “mug” versions which are single servings.  You can all thank we me later for this little treasure.