Bear Crawl Position with Hydrant

This is a more advanced exercise that targets the core, specifically the glute medius, a muscle that is key for stability of the hip.

This important because the more stable your hips are, the more stable your back and knees will be. 

 Step One

  1. Take a loop band and place it just under your knees
  2. Get on all fours and push up strong with your shoulders, and brace your core.
  3. Come up on the toes while letting your knees hover off the floor, hold this position for 10-30 seconds.
  4. If you can do step one, add the next step.

Step Two

  1. Holding the bear crawl position, push your knee to side while keeping your hips quiet, you should not drop a hip or twist your back.
  2. Start with 8 reps and build to 20.
  3. To make this harder, add a stronger loop band.
  4. If this is too hard with the band, drop out of the bear crawl position, stay on your knees and try the hyrant part of the exercise.