My Go To Smoothie Recipe

My "Go To" smoothie is full of foods that will help fight inflammation that causes DNA damage, promotes healthy blood vessels and is full of cancer fighting antioxidants.  You will also get a good shot of fiber and protein.  Play with the ingredients.  I use a banana to create some texture and little sweeteness.  I love ginger so I use alot of it.  Tweek…

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Lemon Oatmeal Pancakes

These fluffy, delicious pancakes contain no oil, salt or sugar, in favor of ground oats, flax, cornmeal and dates. Instead of using maple syrup, try some fruit-flavored date syrup. I like Date Lady, date syrup.   Ingredients 1 ½ cups rolled oats, ground into flour (or pre-ground flour) 2 tablespoons flax seeds, ground ½ cup cornmeal 2 teaspoons…

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Easy Southwester Salad

If I have a busy week coming up and know I won't have much time to cook, I make this salad. It is a nutrition powerhouse with beans, pepitas, and I always serve it over a bed of greens like spinach,argula or romaine.  I like to eat it with a sprouted corn tortilla or whole grain pita. Enjoy! Ingredients 3 cups frozen corn, thawed 1 15 ounce can…

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Island Black Bean Dip

After watching Dr. Fuhrman's lecture last week, I was inspired to go back and look for some recipes to make from his "Eat to Live," cookbook.  There are so many great recipes to make and they are all free from salt, sugar and oil.  One of the things I made was this beautiful Island Black Bean Dip.  So simple to make and so pretty.  I brought this to…

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My Top 12 List of Favorite Health and Fitness Blogs, Podcasts, and Websites

I love to learn new things and one of the many great things about being in health and fitness is that there are always lots of new things to learn about! Podcasts have become a real favorite way for me to keep up with things because you can listen as you cook, walk or commute. I was asked to share some of my favorite food blogs, websites and podcasts…

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East African Mango and Cucumber Salad

I found this salad when I was looking for a side for my African Sweet Potatoe Stew.  It was perfect.  Really fresh  flavors and beautiful on the plate.  Champagne Mangos are in season right now but when mangoes go out of season, I think peaches would work just as well.   Ingredients •  1 English cucumber, thinly sliced •  1/2 small red onion, finely…

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Arman's Soft and Chewy No-Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made these cookies for my clients on Friday and OMG...they are soooo good and so super simple to make!  Cookies make people happy, especially soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. This recipe was devloped by Arman Liew and he has a wonderful cookbook out called Clean Sweets, Order it here. Pictured here is my client Sandra enjoying a cookie.  She…

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Creamy Risotto with Peas and Greens

I had this risotto for the first time last year when I was at a cycling camp in Spain.  We were all blown away at how creamy this dish is without any cheese or cream.  There is a wonderful alchemy that takes place between the starch from the rice and the lemon juice that gives the dish its wonderful creamy texture. I was inspired to make this dish…

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My Interview with The Happy Healthy Librarian, Debby Kastner

Debby Kastner’s blog and now FB page is one of my favorite and most reliable sources for information on healthy living.  I discovered Debby Kastner’s blog, Happy Healthy Long Life about seven years ago, just a few years after I started transitioning to a plant based diet. Debby is a medical librarian at a leading US medical center who's been in the…

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Salad Samurai

It has been unseasonably warm here in Aspen and I have spring fever which means I have been  craving big interesting salads.  Enter, Terry Hope Romero's fabulous book, "Salad Samurai." I made the "Spring Herb Salad with Maple Orange Tempeh Nibbles" last night for dinner and it was SO good!  Othe recipes I am dying to try are "Almond Falafel Crunch…

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